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Declaration for the Ultramehrkampf 2008 in Scheeßel.
*Last name: 
*First name: 
*Gender:  male    female
*Postal Code 
City Name:
**Points:  over 9.000 Points    under 9.000 Points
T-Shirt size: 
Best performance 10.000 m: 

Best performance 5.000 m: 
Best performance Decathlon: 

Necessary Information
This information must only be provided from the German participants.

Important Tip: If there are more than 10 registrations from German athletes for the Double decathlon (over or under 9000 points), all further althletes will be placed on a waiting list.

For foreign athletes 20 registrations will be accepted. Persons over the 20 participants will likewise be placed on a waiting list.


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