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What is a Double decathlon (2 day icosathlon)?
A double decathlon is a competition that takes place on 2 days, all the Olympic events that take place in the stadium. It is the complete decathlon, plus events such as: 300 m steeple chase, 400 m hurdles, and 10,000 m run.

How did the Double decathlon start?
The idea for a double decathlon came from Finland and was started by Risto Karasma. Georg Franschitz from Austria had the idea to open the competition for amateurs, so that a larger audience would be reached.

Can women take part in a double decathlon?
A clear yes! In contrast to the official competition rules where women take part in a 7 event "decathlon", women can take part in a double decathlon.

But, as a rule, most of the women do the 14 of the 20 events.

I have never done some of the events! Can I participate anyway?
Of course! It is also possible to do a double decathlon, without ever practicing the individual events. An amount of preparation, especially in endurance, is advised. Some disciplines are hard to train, but in some places one can take part in a "pre"-competition training so that some of the individual disciplines can be practiced.

I am 45 years old. Aren't I too old to take part in a double decathlon?
Under no circumstances! The double decathlon is an open amateur sport event that does not depend on just one discipline. Therefore, age does not really play a part, and can be compensated by technique. The age classes start at 40 years old, and proceed in 5 year intervals, 45, 50 etc. As a general rule, if there are more than 3 participants in an age group, then an age-group specific award ceremony will take place.

The point calculator is graded per age, so that the results can be compared.

For the awards in the non-age-graded events, for example the Men's category 20-39, there is no age-graded calculations. What counts here is the raw result.

Point calculator
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