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Competition Rules
The official IAAF and IAUM regulations will be followed throughout the competition.

Exception 1: All running events must be completed. This means that a participant which does not finish a running event will be automatically

Exception 2: Each participant has the opportunity for 2 "dry runs" per dicipline (for example, long jump, high jump etc.).

Division of Teams
20 German and 28 International participants will be accepted. For the German participants, 10 participants each will be accepted over and under 9000 points. The point amount for all participants will be done according to the men's calculations. When the 10 registrations have been reached per category, then the rest of the registrations will be placed on a waiting list.

There will be a limitation of 5 male athletes per country for the international participants. Any furter athlete of a country with 5 male already registered particpants will be placed on the country waiting list.

For the female participants, 8 German and 8 International participants will be accepted.

The minimum age for participants is 13 years. The participant must be 13, when the competition begins.

We are very sorry to say, that we have to implement a qualification norm for the men competition. The following rule does apply :

a) You have finished in another Ultra with at least 5.000 pts.

b) You can make feasible, that you will be able to finsih a Ultra with more than 5.000 pts.
Therefor we need your results in decathlon and / or in long distance running.

This rule is only valid for the junior and senior competition, not for veterans.

Beginning of Competition

The first team starts on Saturday, August 2nd at 8:00 am.

Registration fees
The registration fee is 65.00 Euro for Man and 55 for Woman. This includes a T-shirt, competition mentoring, Saturday swimming pool invitation, and physiotherapy during the competition. Please wire the money to the following bank account:

TV Scheeßel
Sparkasse Scheeßel
An der Sparkasse 1
27383 Scheeßel
IBAN-Code: DE49291525500000165357
Man: 65 Euro
Woman: 55 Euro

The registration is complete only with the payment of the registration fees.
If a participant cannot take part in the competition, then his/her start number and place are void. Start numbers cannot be transferred to "friends".

Registration close
Registration close is Thursday, the 3rd of July 2008. Please register early, as only 64 places are open. All other registrations will be placed on the waiting list, and be placed on the participant list when a place become free.

Further information
The organizer, sponsors and Sport Club Scheessel cannot be held responsible for any unforseeable injuries or accidents. To avoid any unwanted surprises (=injuries) please consult your doctor for a checkup. The organizer allows the possibility to update this website as needed.

Directions with Bus and Train
per Train:
Hamburg Hbf Metronom direction Bremen/Scheeßel
Bremen Hbf Metronom direction Hamburg/Scheeßel

per Car:
A1 Exit Sittensen direction Scheeßel
A27 Exit Verden/Nord further direction Rotenburg/Scheeßel

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